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The participant in the program is the owner or manager of a company interested in developing and growing their business.

The platform DoToho! is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises with a turnover of 3–300 million CZK and that have at least three employees.

Joining as entrepreneur


The mentor is a person with extensive experience in running a company or larger work team, ideally with experience in several different industries and broad network of contacts.

We expect intensive joint work in the recommended range of 15 hours for a period of 3-4 months, which will result in a plan of activities and changes for the company to grow.

Joining as mentor


The expert is an experienced professional in a specific area which is essential to running a successful business.

Within DoToho! program, the experts provide individual pro bono consultations for the program participants, in the area of their know-how.

Joining as expert